Welcome to BassGrass.com!

This site is a place where bluegrass bass players can visit to learn more about the music, the instrument, theory, news, and basically whatever info might be relevant.

There’s a message board where people of like minds can get together to discuss related topics, ask questions, meet, chat, plan events, you name it.

You could say that a site aimed specifically at bluegrass bass players is, by definition, a bit limited in scope.  And you’d be absolutely right.  But darn it, that’s how we like it.  We’re a tight-knit bunch and we stick together.  We’re usually stuck in the back of the band, hidden from the audience by mic stands and guitar players heads, so let us have our little moment in the sun here, huh?

But that’s not to say others aren’t welcome here.  If you don’t play bass, or if you don’t play bluegrass, or heck, even if you don’t play either, it doesn’t make you a bad person.  Join in the conversation.  You might learn something.  Or you might help someone else learn something.

Put up your feet and stay a while.

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