Welcome to the latest addition to bassgrass.com.

In an effort to expand our beloved message board into a full-fledged website, I’ve installed a blogging framework, WordPress, to work in tandem with the forum.

Soon, with your help, we can turn the place into a one-stop shop, where bluegrass bass players (and anyone else for that matter) can turn to satisfy their jones in whatever way they like.

This thing you’re reading now is, technically, a blog post.  But chances are there won’t be a lot of these.  Maybe just the occasional note now and then.  Instead, I’ll be adding actual pages, which will be linked in the main menu, to all manner of useful content, from chord charts and lead sheets to theory tips to news and information about our favorite performers’ schedules, bluegrass festivals, and other items of interest to our little community.

Stay tuned!

Visit the message board here.

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