Rough gig this weekend! What're some of your worst?

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Re: Rough gig this weekend! What're some of your worst?

Post by kenbear » Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:33 am

I have a few, but one I really remember is helping a band of friends that for some forgotten reason couldn't make a gig, so we were going to do it for them. It was for a civic group down in Tuscaloosa about 50 miles away, and was one of those " we can't pay you, but we will feed you all you can eat" gigs. We really didn't care about the money, we were young and wanted to play, and besides, we were doing it for friends. Well, we got there and it was a big fish fry, and they had plenty of people there. The stage was a flat bed trailer, which I hate playing on, and it was a typical Alabama summer day. It must have been triple digit hot, and at least 110 percent humidity, and the flat bed was in a field out in the hot sun, with no shade anywhere within 100 feet of us. Well, we play about 2 hours without a break, and decided that was long enough, and it was time to cool off and get some fried fish hush puppies and such. The crowd was much bigger than expected, and all must have been hungry for that fish. We got one small piece of cold fish, a few french fries and one hush puppy apiece. I guess that was all we could eat, it was all left!! 100 miles round trip, several hours, and a lot of bad talk about those folks later we finally got home, cooled off and something to eat.
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Re: Rough gig this weekend! What're some of your worst?

Post by Marcgervais » Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:38 pm

In my bands experience (Athabasca Barnburner) anytime we're playing at an "event", be it a tractor pull, weddings or whatever, it's lame and painful. Nobody seems to care about the band.. the worst was a gig on a giant stage at the finish line of the "tour of Alberta" road bicycle race, had a killer set but nobody cared. Got paid, got loaded up and got the f outta there.. we found we are better off organizing our own shows and doing our own shameless self promotion we can usually pack a venue and burn it down

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