**SOLD** Gollihur Series II Professional Bag w/Wheels

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**SOLD** Gollihur Series II Professional Bag w/Wheels

Post by BassOhio » Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:39 am

Mark ordered this bag for us to fit a large 3/4 / small 7/8 and was used by my son as the wheels allowed for safe transport of his bass to and from rehearsals. He has since shot up to almost 6’ and now prefers to carry so the bag has been sitting in a closet and it is time to move it on.

Two flaws which are pictured; handle cover is slight torn, the handle remains fully functional and securely attached to the bag and I suspect he wrapping could be repaired if desired. One of the wheel assemblies is cracked, the wheel remains fully functional and has not presented an issue during our use but do want to point this out.

Pictures include the fit of a New Standard Cleveland in the bag, the bass is not included in the sale, the bag only is available.

Asking $175.00 + shipping. Shipping estimates via FedEx ground are $30 - $40 if delivered to a commercial address or picked up at a local FedEx drop off point (i.e. FedEx Office Locations) or willing to meet ½ way up to 100 miles of Columbus, OH. Additionally I will be driving to Tallahassee, FL on June 30th to pick up my son at FSU and can meet if you might be on or close to the route from Columbus. Serious buyer(s) only please for this option as I will not have room to bring it back with my son and all of his gear.

Trade options - We are open, make an offer :)

Questions most welcome, thank you for looking.
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Re: Gollihur Series II Professional Upright Bass Bag w/Wheel

Post by Bassectomy » Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:41 pm

I'll just mention that I have one of these cases and it's a great case and at this price is a great deal, even with the issues mentioned. I got mine about a year and a half ago for Christmas and if I remember correctly it was over $300. Very thickly padded and nice amount of storage. Because of the padding and the wheels, it does take a little extra room in the car, but it still fits and the extra protection and the convenience of the wheels on a smooth surface are worth it to this aging thumper. YMMV.

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