For Sale! Blast Cult PRE AMP and PICKUPS

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For Sale! Blast Cult PRE AMP and PICKUPS

Post by happyslappin » Mon Nov 17, 2014 8:20 am

Hello Low-enders!

Unfortunately my band broke up and I've no use for my Channel Blaster and Dual Pickups. I was playing with guts and lots of slap style and this was an amazing edition for playing in loud bars but still get the bass and click sound. I bought this preamp and about 6 months ago and used it for local gigs but now I'm playing for more jazz and so I don't need this.

Once we stopped playing I sent them back to Blast Cult to have them refurbished because of a glitch in one pickup, they replaced the pickup and the preamp backing and that what you're buying. So the pickups are new really.

I really do not want to sell these, I wish i was one of those rich dudes who could afford to have lots of gear just laying around, but I aint cause I live in NYC!

So I'm asking $400 plus shipping for both the Channel Blaster Preamp and Dual Pickups setup!

So you're getting a PREAMP and a set of dual pickups.

PM me for photos and details!

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