Omaha, NE area luthier

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Omaha, NE area luthier

Post by flip18436572 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:15 am

Cy did great work and even though he is known for building and repairing violins, he has done work on some very high dollar upright basses over the years and understands them well.

He did some neck work and put it a new bridge for me. Very good work and definitely better than the other work I had done at a "reputable" shop in Omaha. Cy is very honest about what you have for an instrument and he will do what you want done to make the instrument as good or better in most cases, then it was before you brought it to him. He also has small retail business and probably has 20 violins ready for purchase and 40 more he has in building stages or repair stage.

Anyone in the Omaha, NE area, he is the guy to get the work done. Recommended by a few people who play with Mannheim Steamroller and the Omaha Symphony and the University of Nebraska. I met one person at an acoustic show and that made 20 other connections. Go watch other musicians and learn from them, and meet them after the show or at their break. You never know where it can go from there.

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